Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10 Shoes Every Woman Should Own from Glamour

I'm kind of a sucker for top ten lists as well as practical fashion advice so I thought I would share this list from Glamour as well as the essentials (all under $100) I would buy...(If you don't like my choices you should definitely read the original story as you can shop all the styles and narrow them down by price, size, even color. I found all my shoes via the Glamour shop.) So read the list then tell me: do you agree?

10 Shoes Every Woman Should Own 

Nude Peep-Toe Pumps
I really need to get myself a pair of these. I have always been content with black, but with all the color in clothing lately (and for those people who find black boring), nude heels have seemed to flow better to me lately. Maybe I'll start with these from Charlotte Russe:
peep toe-patent dorsay platform pump

Black City Boots
Definitely agree with this choice. I wear these every day six months out of the year. I have at least three pairs already, but wouldn't mind adding these cute little Dollhouse ankle boots to the collection.
black leather boots-dollhouse womens fiffi ankle boot

Ballet Flats
To be honest, I always found ballet flats kind of boring, and some are really ugly. But the cute ones are pretty freakin' adorable, and it is nice to have a slip on when the pug is begging to go outside NOW. I also can't think of anything else I'd rather wear to the airport. Of course I'd love some classic Chanel flats, but until I can afford them I also really like these from Silhouettes:
ballet flats-captoe ballet silhouettescom

Wooden Platform Sandals
I really like these as an everyday spring/summer shoe. I would add that cork gives a similar mood/feel but also seems to offer some shock resistance, which is nice. These are by Jessica Simpson.
wood platform sandals-jessica simpson womens armat sandal

Canvas Sneakers
I have to admit that I have personal style rules when it comes to sneakers: I only wear them for the gym or if they're by Converse. They make me think of gym class otherwise and I just don't like them very much. But some girls can really pull them off and I do love my Chucks. A lot of cooler sneakers are made for guys, so to get some that fit your girly feet take your shoe size (say 7) and subtract 2 (to get a guy's size 5). I would still try them on, but this usually works for me.
Converse-converse chuck taylor lace black canvas hi top sneaker

Black Pumps
Again, I agree with the editors at Glamour and I wear black pumps a lot. I have three pairs already, some very pointed toes I got in $5 bargain basement; a cork soled pair, and some wingtips. While classic black pumps are classic (duh), you can get some that are a little more sparkly, edgy, or what you will like these from Nine West.
black pumps-nine west norilee jeweled open toe pumps

Metallic Sandals
To be honest I think these could almost replace the nude heels. (Well, almost.) If you are super pale like I am, silver almost blends more seamlessly than beige does. I admit these by Pour La Victoire are just barely under $100 and therefore still pretty splurgey for me, but just look. Look at them! Aren't they sexy? Plus the boot like shape is a cool way to get away with wearing sandals in the winter because they won't look all wonky with tights.
metallic sandals-pour la victoire aurora metallic platform sandal

Suede Ankle Boots (I won't say booties, those refer to baby shoes, I am sorry, but I won't!)
I have to admit that as sexy as they are, I don't agree with these as a practical choice. Anywhere you could wear suede ankle boots you could wear them made from a fabric that won't be killed in the slush. So, establishing that, if you do get suede ankle boots you might as well get some that are completely gorgeous and impractical. Go for the embroidery, the studs, the Victorian laces, the hot pink and emerald green! (Case in point.) Just don't wear them in the rain/snow and if caught unawares take a cab or beg a friend for a ride. Otherwise you will be so so sad when they get all wonky and stinky and ruined by the water. I think they also have things you can use to protect suede from the elements so if you know anything about that please enlighten us in the comments.
suede ankle boots-bcbgeneration womens finito ankle boot

Flat Leather Sandals
While I disagreed with Glamour on the last item, I wholeheartedly agree with this one. I never got it as a high school student, but if you work or have a more sophisticated style you will want these on those days you can't bear to wear anything more complicated than flip-flops but also realize that they will look schlubby at work/school/church/your more formal venues. I like these by Ash because they're a pretty classic shape but still have personality.
flat leather sandals-ash monoi flat studded sandal in brown

Gorgeous Work-of-Art Shoes That Make You Happy
So these are not practical either, but I agree with Glamour that they are just as important because we want romance, not just practicality. In humanities classes, I learned that shoes represent where you are going, so even if you can't spend $629 on shoes, print a picture and tape it above your study space, or in your locker at work, or wherever you need to remind yourself that you are worth the journey.
shoes-jimmy choo salsa glitter peeptoes

Thanks Glamour for the informative list and endless advice on how to get dressed in the morning!


mudderbear said...

You should be paid to write stuff like this. Words like "schlubby" !! and "wonky"!!! ? make it all more interesting.
Well they're not like the shoes my mama made me buy for school...very practical and long lasting, indeed. We've come a very long way with dressing our feet..Thank Goodness.....and Mama would be loving them too.

Natalie said...

My Ten!

*Ballet flats a must!
*Flip flops (I love my Rainbows)
*Good running/walking shoes
*Rain boots... unless you're in Utah, in which case you need some cute snow boots.
*Tap shoes!
*Birkenstocks. Laugh, go ahead. They are so comfy.
*Funky sneakers, when you're feeling a little bit wacky.
*A stiletto heel. I wear them max 3 times a year, but you gotsta have 'em.
*Hiking shoes/sandals.

...I guess I only have nine!

The Damsel said...

@Natalie I love your top 9! I completely agree with rain/snow boots and flip flops-in fact I thought it was a little bit weird they left them off the list as they would make my basics list for sure.